5 Top Beauty Tips

KEEP IT SIMPLE! We live in a polluted city, so we need to let our skin breathe and be clean to keep it healthy and looking good! Avoid applying heavy make-up. I’d advise mineral based cosmetics which allow the skin to breath and most brands also contain sun protection! Don’t forget to cleanse it off before going to sleep as the skin regenerates at night. Why do you think they call it beauty sleep?

FULL RESULTS – Aesthetic treatments often provide immediate results but some procedures, like anti wrinkles injections, fillers or face lifts, need to be planned accordingly to fit your social events schedule. Usually it’s advisable to have treatments like dermal fillers, chemical peels or liquid butt lift at least 2 weeks before any special event like birthday parties, a job interview and yes maybe your wedding! During that time the results can fully activate and have enough time to look and work their best. Anti-wrinkle injections for example might need 7 to 10 days to fully work; lip fillers 4 to 7 days; chemical peels and threads lift usually 7 days; liquid butt lift at least 14 days.

3 SIMPLE THINGS FOR NATURAL GLOWING SKIN – 1- Drink plenty of water during the day as it hydrates and keep the skin supple and elastic.  2- Reduce sugar intake as it’s the enemy of skin as it promotes and speeds up wrinkle formation by making the skin far less elastic. A lot pf people might already know that sugar is hidden in a lot of foods and drinks, so avoid refined carbs, processed food, concentrated and carbonated drinks. Eat clean, fresh and raw when possible and try to cook from scratch. Your skin will say thanks soon after! 3 – Apply Sun Protection even in winter. Sun protection is a cheap anti-age treatment you can carry out in the comfort of your house in less than 1 minute! Every morning, after washing your face and before applying make-up, apply sunscreen with factor 50. It is part of my routine since at least 5 years and people don’t believe me when I say I am almost 42!

REDUCE STRESS AND ALCOHOL – Smoking accelerates the aging process at the same pace as a Ferrari in a Formula 1 race. Smoking is full of chemicals, decreases oxygen flow and lung capacity which all impact the skin and body. Alcohol is full of empty calories with a high sugar content, it inhibits proper sleep, decreases natural energy and dehydrates. Find alternative stress management techniques like mindful meditation to reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, exercise or a simple breathing practice. Don’t try to escape into an extra glass of wine or prosecco, cheeky monsters, as they are rich in sugar and it’s not helping your skin on the long run.

RETINOL BASED PRODUCTS – Retinol is now very well known as a natural exfoliator which stimulates the production of collagen, reduces blemishes, open pores, fine lines and pigmentation – all signs of premature aging. If you wish to know more about it and how to introduce it into your skin regime, feel free to visit the clinic by booking our Skin Analysis to help you guide through a tailored skin care routine and tell you all about the benefits of using retinol.