Non Surgical Bum Lift

AKA - Brazilian Bum Lift or Butt Lift

A Non-surgical Brazilian bum lift is a cosmetic procedure to boost and improve the appearance of the bum through targeted injections of dermal fillers for body contour.

The treatment can also be used to correct hip-dips, body concavities, thighs, and calves. Genefill boosts the bum through a series of injections carried out through a cannula, which minimises bruising and reduces the chance of misplacing the product in areas that would give no result.

Dr Giorgia Ratta - before and after treatment image

Lasting Result

The result is a very natural-looking, lifted bum, without the downtime associated with the comparable surgical treatment.

The results should last approximately 18-24 months (individual results may vary due to lifestyle and external factors).


Downtime is very minimal and General Anaesthetic is not necessary, which means the procedure is as quick as one hour. Some bruising may occur, but usually resolves within a few days.

Who can benefit?

Both Men and Women can benefit from this modern, cutting edge, state-of-the-art non surgical treatment.

Hourglass Figure

This treatment is a very attractive and cost-effective proposition for those people who are going through transitioning to achieve a more feminine look in as long as 1 hour treatment at the Doctor Surgery. A full consultation is mandatory to set the treatment goals and discuss all about the treatment included after care and costs.

:: For more info check our dedicated website  MyBumLift.com

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