Tailor Made Consultation

Tailor Made Consultation. Online consultations are available during the unprecedented Covid19 Lockdown.

Despite being self-isolated, there is no need to neglect ourselves. Naturally, looking and feeling good boosts our self esteem and general confidence.

You can still book a one-to-one consultation with Dr Giorgia Ratta, to discuss all relevant aspects about your personal aesthetic and beauty regime.

If you would like professional advice about your home skincare routine, or to discuss any aspect of your skin or aesthetic concerns, please contact Dr Giorgia to book an online appointment.

Appointments can last up to 30 minutes and may be facilitated via WhatsApp or Skype for a heavily discounted price of only £30 (normally £90).

The consultation is carried out in a relaxed and friendly way from the comfort of your own home. Dr Giorgia can give you advice and tips, discuss any issues you may have, and guide you through options and possibilities to achieve the best outcome during these unprecedented times.

Once lockdown is lifted, the consultation fee can be redeemed against any future treatment, for example: anti-wrinkle injections, hyperhidrosis treatment, dermal fillers, lip fillers, chemical peels, face lift, bum lift, etc.


Please contact Dr Giorgia to book an online appointment.

Terms & Conditions

Payment is required in advance via bank transfer. Standard cancellation rules apply. Full T&C here.

Tailor Made Consultations are available during the unprecedented Covid19 Lockdown.Despite being self-isolated, there is no need to neglect ourselves.
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Tailor Made Consultation

We believe 100% that your inner beauty should shine through. We believe that looking great and feeling good should go hand in hand. We support diversity and feel that everyone is unique and needs to embrace and accentuate their best features. 

Beauty tip

REDUCE STRESS AND ALCOHOL – Smoking accelerates the ageing process at the same pace as a Ferrari in a Formula 1 race. Smoking is full of chemicals, decreases oxygen flow and lung capacity which all impact the skin and body. Alcohol is full of empty calories with a high sugar content, it inhibits proper sleep, decreases natural energy and dehydrates. Find alternative stress management techniques like mindful meditation to reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, exercise or a simple breathing practice. Don’t try to escape into an extra glass of wine or prosecco, cheeky monsters, as they are rich in sugar and it’s not helping your skin on the long run.